Review a lesson

Guiding principles for providing constructive feedback if you review a lesson for Ranke.2

We may solicit your feedback for one of the lessons that we are preparing. This is because we value your expertise and we know that you will contribute to the overall quality of our resources. The review process may take the form of either a direct and open exchange between all interested parties (author, reviewer, Ranke.2 editor) or a blind evaluation (at the request of authors or reviewers). This will be decided by all the parties involved.

We do of course appreciate any overall feedback that you may have, but please note that we are especially interested to hear your views on the following aspects that we consider important for a lesson.


Please think of the lesson in terms of relevance and quality.


Please think of the lesson in terms of clarity and efficiency.


Please think of the lesson in terms of the extent to which it achieves the learning objectives.


Please evaluate the relevance, pertinence and accessibility of the pedagogical and bibliographical resources the lesson uses (reading and viewing suggestions, hyperlinks, images).


Please share your thoughts on whether the approach and objective of the lesson, as well as the resources it uses, mean that it could be taught in more than one language.


Please evaluate whether the lesson has the potential to remain relevant and useful in the longer term.

Thank you for your contribution!