Each teaching module addresses a different kind of datatype and perspective on digital source criticism

From the archival to the digital turn

photos / letters / emails

Lesson on how the method of source criticism has been affected by the digital turn and what this means for the practice of students who study humanities disciplines and conduct research.

tags: digitisation , digital source criticism , digitised photos , digitised letters , emails , digitised audio interviews , Leopold von Ranke , internal and external source criticism

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David Boder: from wire recordings to website

audiovisual / interviews

A lesson about how the collection of interviews with concentration camp survivors created by psychologist David Boder in 1946 was turned into an interactive website in 2000 and 2009.

tags: holocaust studies , history of communication technology , media studies , oral history

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David Boder online: comparing websites 2000-2009

websites / software

Web history in a nutshell: comparing the first website on David Boder in 2000 to the one launched in 2009.

tags: holocaust studies , media studies , history of web technology , backend of a website

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Transformation; how the digital creates new realities

images / digitised portraits / paintings / collages

A lesson about how digital technology has stirred our imagination and enabled us to create new realities. At the same time we need to be sceptical about the merits of an all-encompassing digital lifestyle.

tags: digital technology , manipulation , transformation , remix , illusions , copies

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UPCOMING LESSON - The Chronicle of Dalimil: a photogenic mediaeval manuscript?

manuscripts / digitised manuscripts

UPCOMING LESSON - A lesson about how the dynamics of the World Wide Web have led to the prioritisation of the aesthetic value of a mediaeval manuscript - at the expense of its original, unillustrated, less attractive version.

tags: manuscripts , digitisation , transformation , communication technology , dissemination of knowledge , aesthetic qualities

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From the shelf to the web, exploring historical newspapers in the digital age.



tags: digitisation of newspapers , digital source criticism , optical character recognition , search engines , interface

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