Who we are

Ranke.2 is a project of the C2DH. It was initiated by Andreas Fickers and originally conceived by Stefania Scagliola. The project is currently coordinated and animated by the core team.

Core Team

Andreas Fickers - director of the C²DH, initiator of Ranke.2

Stefan Krebs - project management and administration
Sofia Papastamkou - project and editorial coordination
Daniele Guido - visual concept and design, web developement
Frédéric Reiss - assistance web development

Past Core Team

Sean Takats - project management and administration (2020)
Gerben Zaagsma - project management and administration (2016-2020)
Stefania Scagliola - project concept, project and editorial coordination (2016-2021)
Jordan Ricker - interim project coordination (2021)

Student Assistants

Artur Amirian - assistance web development (2023)
Lena Linden - proofreading and translations in German (2023)
Alina Chaiko (2022)
Jordan Ricker (2020-2021)
Emmanuel Decker (2020-2021)
Ilaria Comes (2020)
Ioana Turdean (2019)
Sidney Wiltgen (2018-2019)
Katia Rocha (2018)
David Mechtel (2018)
Thomas Woloszyn (2018)
Davina Kronz (2018)
Marvin Schieben (2018)

Video Animations

All Things Moving
Cristina Garcia Martin - design and development (2018-2021)
Ioana Turla - design and development (2021)
In collaboration with Stefania Scagliola - storyboards (2018-2021)

Machteld van der Gaag voice radio
Machteld van der Gaag- voice over (2021)

Media Centre, University of Luxembourg
Nicolas Donnerup - voice over (2019)
Alexandre Germain - sound, video recording (2018-2019)

Arjan van Hessen - text editing for animations (2018)


Lexitech - translations of lessons from English to French and to German (since 2023)

Maria Cristina Piticco - translations to French and to German of the following lessons: “David Boder: from wire recorder to website”, “From the archival to the digital turn”, “Transformation, how the digital creates new realities” (2018)

Brigitte Melchior-Dolenc, Karin Priem - translation for animations (2018)
Stefan Krebs, Sofia Papastamkou - translations of the website infrastructure and lessons metadata


Sarah Cooper, University of Luxembourg (2018- )
Andy O’Dwyer (2018)


C2DH people (2018-2021)
Cristoph Brüll, Sandra Camarda, Cécile Duval, Daniele Guido, Shohreh Haddadan, Tim van der Heijden, Stefan Krebs, Anita Lucchesi, Benoît Majerus, Ira Plein, Karin Priem, Martin Richard, Valérie Schafer, Kaarel Sikk, Fabio Spirinelli, Benjamin Zenner

FHSE people (2018-2021)
Eloise Adde, Andrea Binsfeld, Sonja Kmec, Michel Margue

Illinois Institute of Technology/Paul V. Galvin Library people
Ralph Pugh (University Archivist & Adjunct Professor of History) and Adam Strohm (Director University Archives and Special Collections) for having provided visual material and information for the lesson on the collection of interviews created by David Boder.