About the lessons

Each lesson offers a choice of several modules with an increasing level of complexity and time required

The lessons have been structured in such a manner that they can serve the needs of students, lecturers and independent learners with limited time, as well as those who really want to study a topic in depth. Each lesson can consist of a SMALL or MEDIUM module.

SMALL / watch the animation


15 minutes — The SMALL module serves as a short introduction to a topic related to source criticism. It consists of a short animation of around 5 minutes in which a number of basic terms and questions are presented. The SMALL module is geared towards a broad audience with a general interest, including individual learners who are not part of a teaching context.

MEDIUM / complete one or more assignments


max 90-120 minutes — The MEDIUM module is meant to be used in a teaching or self-training context. It consists of a series of assignments that address the various topics introduced in the animation in more depth. The assignments are suitable for either individual or collaborative work for two or three students and the time required varies from 30 to 90 minutes. Each assignment provides specific information about learning outcomes.


The content of the website has been translated into French and German to reach out to a broad audience of students and lecturers.