Transformation: Wie digitale Technologien neue Realitäten schaffen können

Eine Lektion darüber, wie digitale Technologie unsere Fantasie beflügelt und uns die Schaffung neuer Realitäten ermöglicht hat, gleichzeitig jedoch eine gewisse Vertrautheit mit den Mechanismen hinter digitalen Inhalten erfordert, wenn wir die angewandte Technologie verstehen und Ursprung und Art der wiederverwendeten Quellen bewerten wollen.

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This lesson is inspired by the concept of transformation. It deals with how technology has changed the way we communicate and transfer knowledge and how the ‘digital’ has created new encounters that seem real, but sometimes are able to deceive and seduce our senses.

A short animation presents how digital technology facilitates the processes of transformation. The idea that a person, animal, or object can change its appearance has inspired artists, scholars, and inventors for centuries. With the advent of digital technology the ease with which one can create, manipulate, and share content online has ‘democratized’ the ability to transform reality. The plethora of web applications that are at our disposal allows us to ‘transform’ or ‘enhance’ reality into a virtual experience in a split second. At the same time, this freedom on the web and accessibility of tools can have detrimental effects on the credibility of information, creating the risk of manipulating audiences by the spread of ‘fake news’. The following assignments deal with the advantages and disadvantages of digital cultures and highlight the timeless idea of transformation, from Greek mythology to computer algorithms.

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1 von 4 — ASSIGNMENTS IN PREPARATION — inventors and creativity

1a. Transformation, imagination and innovation

1b. application of Shannon’s principle

1c. Transformation and Digitization of text, audiovisual content, images, 3d objects

2 von 4 — ASSIGNMENTS IN PREPARATION — transformation in the world of animals

2a. Natural transformations compared to digital transformation

3 von 4 — ASSIGNMENTS IN PREPARATION — Transformation in mythology


1b. Transformations through digital technology

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